After I joined during its pilot in the Spring of 2017, it launched into a full-year program with a scope much broader than its initial STEM focus: giving 13-to-17-year-olds the tools to impact society with emerging technology. Because of the emphasis on global impact, TKS quickly started focusing on things beyond technology like entrepreneurship, design skills, philosophy, and personal development. There are millions of people holding extremely technical degrees and bodies of knowledge, but there are only a handful who have created massively impactful movements (Zuck, Musk, Bezos, etc.). The difference, then, must be in their mindset.

Just as tech accelerators like YCombinator attempt to slingshot the growth of Unicorn Companies (companies worth >$1 billion), TKS is a human accelerator that speeds up the growth of Unicorn People (those who impact billions of people).

For me, TKS marked a major shift in mindset from passive growth to active growth. From waiting to be taught things in high school courses I wasn’t interested in to learning about quantum machine learning online. From writing tests and exams to writing actual code for my own projects.

Since that shift, I’ve had the chance to work for a cancer lab, a digital transformation agent, an innovation lab, take part in a world-renowned QML accelerator, speak at global events like SXSW, and other crazy opportunities I never would have imagined were possible at my age.

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